About Hideout 125 –  The Bourounis family are very well known in the community for Cosmos Family Restaurants. With years of experience in the restaurant industry Hideout 125 wanted to offer Fort Wayne a new alternative to the “Box” style chain restaurants. In his vision he wanted top class food, atmosphere, staff. He also wanted a relaxing atmosphere offering craft cocktails and craft beers for a social setting.

Hideout 125’s name is derived from the prohibition days. The 125 after the name “Hideout” is simply the date December 5th, which is a historical date for drinking in this country. December 5th, Marked the first day of legalization and the end of prohibition.

While we not only have a story to tell with great drinks, service and quality, we are also serving hand cut locally grown steaks and seafood in Fort Wayne. We offer a full line of fine wines, and appetizers as well. Hideout 125 has become one of Fort Wayne’s favorite “hideouts”. If you wish to visit please take note that reservations are suggested for Thursday through Saturday. Open seating is available at the bar for anyone over 21 years of age with valid ID.

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